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Copper Crow Distillery

Tradition & Passion

The Lake Superior communities of Bayfield and Red Cliff combine to make up the beautiful place that we call home. There’s something special about this area that brings people back – a SPIRIT. We are not alone in thinking that this is a great place.  Our distillery is designed to do this destination justice.

Copper Crow Bourbon

1560 Bourbon Whiskey Aged 4 Years


Vodka Sustainably Distilled From Whey

Copper Crow Wheat Whiskey

Wheat Whiskey Aged 4 Years


Like the crow, we wondered about our purpose.  Why are we working so hard?  How can we contribute to our community?  How can we share our enjoyment and the bounty of this beautiful, pure, Lake Superior place?  Like the crow, we have wandered. As we’ve wandered, we’ve made connections with our neighbors.  As we’ve connected, we’ve learned to enjoy what is closest to us.  We live in a  special place…a place that is unique, natural, fresh, and inviting.  Like the crow, we’ve found our purpose. Our purpose and our appreciation of this place is wrapped into Copper Crow Distillery.


When you visit Copper Crow Distillery, you will feel you are somewhere special.  Our strong, impressive building, nestled in the pines will meet you at the end of our driveway.  The comfortable, relaxing interior of our tasting room will draw you in.  Slide onto a stool at the bar, or grab a seat at a table.  You’re sure to be tempted by a cocktail (or two) from our seasonal menu.  Tours and tastings are offered, and encouraged!  We want you to enjoy your time with us.  Let us help you enjoy The Spirit of the Superior at Copper Crow Distillery.

  1. Full service

    Get ready for an unforgettable adventure at our full-service distillery tasting room. Discover a haven of flavor where spirits take center stage. With a vibrant atmosphere and friendly staff, it's the perfect spot to sip, savor, and create amazing memories. Let the good times flow!

  2. Expertise

    Step into our distillery, where we're all about the craft of distillation. Our team of experts lives and breathes spirits, bringing their mastery to every bottle. In our tasting room, we ditch the formalities and embrace a casual, fun atmosphere. Get ready for a lively, flavor-packed adventure!

  3. Handcrafted

    At our handcrafted distillery, doing things well never goes out of style. With a clever blend of tradition and innovation, we create spirits that are pure perfection. Step into our laid-back atmosphere and experience the art of craftsmanship in every sip. Cheers to timeless excellence!

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About Us

We are proud to be the first indigenous distiller in North America to craft 10 different award-winning spirits and we do it just off the shores of Lake Superior.

Friday3PM -7PM
Saturday1PM - 7PM
Sunday12NOON - 4PM

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